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Bungalow in Solomon Islands

From: SBD 300

Vorivori Village Stay offers a marvellous introduction to village life in the Western Solomon Islands. Ronald and his family enjoy looking after their visitors as much as the visitors enjoy their stay. There's no frills and fancy touristy displays, but rather an opportunity to be involved in daily activities involving fishing, gardening,collection of food, cooking and social activities like singing and dancing.

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From: SBD 250

Your visit to Hambere Village Stay will be with Venti's family where you will experience daily village life and activities. Venti, his wife and family have been looking after guests in this village stay accommodation since 1996. They enjoy introducing you to their traditional life of fishing, gardening, cooking and customary stories. Your stay can include walks in the bush and paddling local canoes. In the evenings you have the opportunity to join in a local singsong and watch traditional dances.

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From: SBD 1,470

Imagine yourself on a small tropical island perched on the edge of the longest lagoon in the world. At Uepi Island Resort, situated on one of the barrier reef islands which defines the edge of the magnificent Marovo Lagoon, you need share this unique experience of paradise with only a few other people.


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Oravae Cottage

Location: Gizo

From: SBD 1,800

Here we have a quaint pair of cottages offering a private setting located on a tiny coral island. Fantastic sunrises, sparkling blue water and reef, coupled with great marine and bird life make this an obvious choice for a perfect get away. Oravae Cottage is located in the Gizo lagoon, just 12- 15 minutes by motorized canoe from the airstrip at Nusa Tupe.

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From: SBD 868

Zipolo Habu Resort can be described as a well kept secret, and certainly is an idyllic, exotic holiday destination, ideally suited for honeymooners, families, fishermen, divers, beachcombers - in fact anyone looking for a rare escape from a stressful world.

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Agnes Lodge

Location: Munda

From: SBD 440

Agnes Lodge is located at Munda, right on the shores of the Roviana Lagoon on New Georgia Island, offering a variety of accomodation options with amazing lagoon views. You'll find yourself immersed in friendly locals ready for a yarn at the bar, or spend lazy days strolling through the villages looking at colourful blooming orchids and WW11 artifacts decorating the gardens of the villages .

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From: SBD 200

Vanua Kino Homestay is situated on Vangunu Island looking westward  towards Seghe Airstrip, just a 10-minute motor canoe ride away. The accommodation lies 50m from the edge of the lagoon in a small family hamlet of just four homes.

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From: SBD 240

Serenity.... A moving experience encompassing a romantic leaf bungalow built over the water,  breathtaking sunsets, authentic village life and customs and the unique craft of manufacturing shell money still used in daily life for ceremonies. Whilst the lagoon doesn't offer beaches and places to lie in the sun, it does provide visitors with a close up view of the various artifical islands set amongst the natural islands and mangroves.

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From: SBD 150

Grace Lodge is a newly established traditional style bungalow in Mengge Village on Simbo Island. Simbo Island is a venting volcano with megapode bird hatcheries. This is a great opportunity to experience local daily life and culture with the Simbo people. The slow pace of life and interesting daily tasks to gather food and maintain shelter creates a fascinating holiday.

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From: SBD 350

Komolo Village Stay offers their guests an opportunity to experience true Melanesian culture and day to day village activities including collecting food, gardening, fishing, house construction, cultural song and dance, as well as enjoy swimming and snorkeling right off the beach out front from the bungalows. It is located on Epangga Island, a 3 minute boat ride from Gizo the Provincial Capital of the Western Province.

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