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Agnes Gateway Hotel is located at Munda, right on the shores of the Roviana Lagoon on New Georgia Island, offering a variety of accommodation options with amazing lagoon views. You'll find yourself immersed in friendly locals ready for a yarn at the bar, or spend lazy days strolling through the villages looking at colorful blooming orchids and WW11 artifacts decorating the gardens of the villages.

Agnes Gateway Hotel is located on the shores of the Roviana Lagoon on New Georgia Island at Lambete Village in Munda.


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Hotel Address: Lambete Village , Munda

Getting there

From Honiara, visitors to Agnes Gateway Hotel travel by light plane (50-60 minute flight) to Munda on the south side of New Georgia Island on the Roviana Lagoon. Munda is a long sealed airstrip, but there may be stops at smaller grass strips on the way.

Currently there is a direct International flight with Solomon Airlines on Saturdays from Brisbane to Munda arriving about 1:15pm eliminating the need for domestic travel. 

On arrival at Munda, visitors can catch a taxi or just walk down to the Lodge since it's just 4 minutes walking distance.

Slower local passenger boats leave Honiara Saturday evening and Sunday morning and arrive at Noro the next day.

Noro to Munda by mini bus costs $10-20 SBD per person. The lodge does not have a vehicle to pick up guests.