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Agnes Gateway Hotel is located at Munda, right on the shores of the Roviana Lagoon on New Georgia Island, offering a variety of accommodation options with amazing lagoon views. You'll find yourself immersed in friendly locals ready for a yarn at the bar, or spend lazy days strolling through the villages looking at colorful blooming orchids and WW11 artifacts decorating the gardens of the villages.

Agnes Gateway Hotel was a former colonial rest house purchased by Agnes Kera in 1977,who for nearly 30 years, had been the cook and custodian of the original British Solomons Government Resthouse. The original 3 roomed structure is now known as the Orchid Wing Suite. After Agnes's retirement, the family carried on the hospitality tradition. Today family members and long-serving staff members are now the share holders, and Agnes Lodge is still a 100% owned Solomon Islands company. During your stay you will get to meet many of Agnes' children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nephews and nieces.