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Cegily Guesthouse is a very comfortable modern accommodation on the hillside below Phoebes Resthouse offering panoramic views of the surrounding islands. With easy access to the waterfront via a flight of stairs, guests can walk to the Hospital grounds in 2-3 minutes or a 5 minute stroll to the produce and fish markets . The house is very quiet as there are no live in staff.

Yolonde and Jonah Semi are the owners of this accommodation with their children Giftson, Serehema, Little and Young. Yolande has grown up with her mother running Phoebes Resthouse on the hill above them and is continuing the tradition of Solomon Island Hospitality. Since Phoebes death, Yolonde's brother, Jacob now cares for guests in the original property. 

The family originates from Choiseul and Ranongga Islands.