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Emusa Lodge is a family owned and run lodge situated on Ranongga Island. The lodge is a simple leaf construction offering comfortable basic accommodation for guests in Buri Village. Visitors to Emusa Lodge enjoy the amazing experience of staying in a remote rural Solomon Island village, together with an opportunity to observe the vibrant cultural, terrestrial and marine life of north Ranongga.

Guest can travel daily to Gizo, but the boat transfer to Buri Village in the north of Ranongga is only Monday to Friday via small outboat canoes costing $100 SBD on a local village transport. Charter boats will cost about $1500 each way.


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Hotel Address: Buri Village, Ranongga Island, Ranongga

Getting there

From Gizo market area, small open boats travel to Buri Village about 2pm on Monday to Fridays. Its handy to have a spray jacket in case of rain or wind. Sun protection is also  necessary. The trip follows the coast of notth west Ghizo Island and then crosses the deep water passage to north Ranongga taking about 1.5 hours.