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Fatboys Resort, bar and restaurant is situated 100 metres out over the sparkling waters of Mbabanga Island, an 8 minute boat ride from Gizo, the provincial capital of the Western Solomons.

"Fatboys" is derived from the character Joe, from the book "The Pickwick Papers" by Charles Dickens. Joe - the "fat boy", consumes great quantities of food and constantly falls asleep at any time of day, making every effort to avoid work. Whilst staying at fatboys, you become "Joe the fatboy".

In December 2008, Dan Kennedy from Stradbroke Island off Australia's Queensland coast, purchased 'Fatboys' from Grant and Turia Griffith. Dan and his seven siblings were raised at the family resort 'Samarinda', so tourism and island life are in their blood.

Today Manoj Dhari, a friendly young Solomon Islander who grew up in Gizo, and studied tourism in Vanuatu, manages Fatboys. He adds a local flare, looking after his guests well and entertaining them with great stories of Gizo.