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Freshwind Guest Haus is centrally located at Kira Kira on San Cristobel Island in Makira/ Ulawa Province. This small Provincial Center houses the office of the Premier, Police Command, Forestry, Agriculture offices and a local hospital There are a number of trade stores mainly owned by local shop keepers, and within walking distance of the Guest Haus. Visitors can enjoy full day trips to go snorkeling on pristine reefs on outer islands with swimming on white sandy beaches, village visits and volleyball competitions. With 4 flights a week and only 1 hour travel from Henderson airfield in Honiara, Freshwind is a nice weekend or mid week change from the capital city.

Flights to KiraKira Airport on the north coast of San Cristobel depart Honiara 4 times a week. Most popular is the Dash 8 which takes approximately 35 mins and alternatively the twin otter takes approximately 1 hour from Honiara to Makira. There are also flights to and from Santa Ana which is further east.


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Hotel Address: PO Box 30, Kirakira

Getting there

Solomon Airlines offer flights with either a dash 8 or twin otter. The dash 8 takes approximately 35 mins from Honiara to Makira and the twin otter is approximately 50 mins from Honiara to Makira. Currently there are no taxis in Kirakira. Most accommodations suggest you flag down one of the many vehicles who are waiting at the airstrip. In many cases there will be no charge. Turn left onto Bauro Road and travel 2 km to Freshwind.

If arriving by boat, Kirakira does not have a wharf. Small outboard boats travel out to pick up passengers and may ask a fare for that to the beach. The landing area is central to all accommodations and next to the produce and fish market area. From the beach travel right to the hospital, and next right and first left. This takes about 3-4 minutes only.