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The Grace Lodge bungalow is timber framed with traditional roof and wall, in Mengge Village on Simbo Island. Simbo Island is made up of 3 truncated volcanic centres which now form crater lakes, hot springs and vent sulphur.  The megapode bird nests on the hillside of Ove crater. Visitors enjoy a great opportunity experiencing local daily life and culture with the Simbo people living in small village centres. The slow pace of life and interesting daily tasks to gather food and maintain shelter creates a fascinating holiday.

Grace Lodge

Meals can be self catered or prepared by your hosts upon request. Breakfast SBD $60 per person, including home made bread, fruit and eggs. Lunch SBD $120 per person includes local food like Megapode Egg omlettes, sandwiches and fruit. Dinner SBD 130 per head can include chicken and fish dishes with fresh home grown vegetables and fruit .

Gideon and Varsity can arrange the following activities with a local guide. The cost asked is a contribution for the tour guide, SBD $50 - 100 plus any boat costs

* Visit the island's active volcano, crater and mega-pod nesting sites(half-day activity, moderately strenuous, boat hire required)

* Cook lunch in volcano steam vents (full day activity, if included with visit to volcano crater, moderately treasonous to hike up volcano, boat hire required)

* Visit hot springs (2-hour activity walking, not strenuous)

* Visit 1000 year old petroglyphs above Tapurai beach (half-day
activity, moderately strenuous, boat hire required)

* Visit skull shrines (2-hour activity, not strenuous)

* Hike to summit of extinct volcano (Patu Kio or Matingini) (full-day
activity, strenuous)

* Snorkel spectacular off shore reefs (half-day activity, moderately
strenuous, boat hire required)

* Visit Tapurai or Riquru beaches (half-day, not strenuous, boat hire required)

* Visit Qaqo beach (2-hour activity, not strenuous)

* Canoe Nusa Simbo lagoon or lake below volcano (half-day, moderately strenuous).

* Visit ruins of 19th century European trader's outpost (2-hour
activity, not strenuous)

* Surfing. Right-hand point/reef near Riquru village. Hallow fast
sections and a second softer peak. Best season is April-Nov
(strenuous, boat hire required) 

* Sightseeing of Megapode birds nesting and Ove Lake

Boat tours to Ove Volcano Tour SBD $300 (for group of 1-4 people) includes tour guide, boat and fuel costs, custom fees.

Skin Diving, Surfing or Fishing by boat for trolling or bottom fishing is $100 for half day or $150 for full day plus fuel ( currently $20 / litre on Simbo) for 1-2 people

Additional activities include:  Night Bird watching , Sight seeing to Lake Pughele (Old crater on nth of Simbo), Local fishing methods, Local weaving by village ladies, Local Bamboo Band




  • 3G connectivity for internet available at Lengana Village- arrange data in Gizo
  • Back-up Power Generator
  • Laundry Service available
  • Mobile Phone Reception
  • Self Serve Laundry
  • Souvenir/Gift Shop(s)


  • Arrival/departure point transfers (Extra charge)
  • Babysitting - Paid
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Doctor/Nurse on call
  • Shuttle Service (i.e. to/from town centre - extra charge)
  • Translation


  • Bushwalking/Hiking/Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Cultural Entertainment
  • Cultural Visits/Tours
  • Fishing/Crabbing/etc.
  • Snorkelling

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Pidgin English and Simbo