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Your visit to Hambere Village Stay will be with Venti's family where you will experience daily village life and activities. Venti, his wife and family have been looking after guests in this village stay accommodation since 1996. They enjoy introducing you to their traditional life of fishing, gardening, cooking and customary stories. Your stay can include walks in the bush and paddling local canoes. In the evenings you have the opportunity to join in a local singsong and watch traditional dances.

Hambere Village Stay

View Rano bungalow is positioned over Kongohambere Lagoon and is a perfect place to swim and relax. 

All meals are served in the dining area over the water and are included in the tariff for full board. Self catering is also an option. For those interested in hiking up to the summit of Mt Rano on Kolombangara, Venti is available to guide you for a strenuous but rewarding 2 day hike. Venti also offers  a less strenuous day hike of 6-8 hours round trip to Mt Lopitu which offers views similar to the Professors Camp on Mt Rano. Details available soon in the Tour section.

Day trips to Hambere are also available with activities including bird watching and bush walks; traditional gardening, fishing and cooking; custom sites and waterfalls.

Local Guide SBD$250.00 per day per head.

Local Canoe Hire SBD$50.00 per Canoe whole day.

Tambu site entrance fee.SBD$50.00 per person and SBD $100.00 per group.

Tambu site photography additional SBD $25.00

Mountain hike Rano- Tour guide SBD$250.00 per day

                      - Luggage Carrier SBD$300.00 per day

                      - Custom fee SBD$100.00 per person.

Bush walk to Lopatu View- SBD $250.00 (Tour guide) per day.

                                                - SBD $200.00 ( luggage carrier).

Transfer Fee- Fee one way boat cost SBD$800.00 Each way( 3 or 4 person)

                           Fee one way boat cost SBD 600.00 each way ( 2 person)          




  • Arrival/departure point transfers (Extra charge)
  • Babysitting - Free
  • Laundry/Ironing


  • Bushwalking/Hiking/Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Cooking Courses
  • Cultural Visits/Tours
  • Fishing/Crabbing/etc.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Solomon Pidjin