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Your visit to Hambere Village Stay will be with Venti's family where you will experience daily village life and activities. Venti, his wife and family have been looking after guests in this village stay accommodation since 1996. They enjoy introducing you to their traditional life of fishing, gardening, cooking and customary stories. Your stay can include walks in the bush and paddling local canoes. In the evenings you have the opportunity to join in a local singsong and watch traditional dances.

Hambere Village Stay is on the western side of Kolombangara Island, below Mt Rano and close to Kukudu Adventist School and the Mission. The area surrounding Hambere has marvelous bird life and a colony of bats in the forest bordering Kukudu Station.


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Hotel Address: Hambere Village, Kolombangara Is.

Getting there

 Most visitors arrive by boat from Gizo after flying on a Solomon Airlines domestic flight from Honiara which approximately takes an hour. From there staff will meet guests from the hotel jetty and transport them to Hambere Village Stay. Boat trips can be 30-45 minutes depending on sea conditions and can also be wet due to wind spray or rain showers, so it is recommended that you carry a spray jacket.

 As an alternative, there are a couple of boats from Honiara departing on regular schedules during the week and arrives at the Gizo government wharf on Mondays around noon. Guests are met by Hambere staff and taken to the village stay via motorised boat.

Transfer costs: $700 Fatboys, Sanbis and Imagination Is,  $800 to or from Gizo, $1000 to or from Ringgi Cove, $1500 to or from Noro and $2000 to Munda.