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Leleana Lodge offers a friendly, family orientated accommodation on Gizo Hilltop enjoying ocean breezes from the southern seas. Following a 3 year period where the property was leased , guests in 2011 can again enjoy staying with the Ghemu family. A self contained family room will be available later in the year.

Your host, Eric was born in Lae, PNG to missionary parents from Marovo Lagoon in the Solomons , and his wife Tamaua is a native of Gizo born to Ranongga parents. After meeting In Honiara and starting a family, they transferred to Gizo in 2001 so Eric could follow his career in the Public Service.

They decided to establish Leleana Lodge in Gizo after their previous experience of running Serere Eco Lodge in Marovo Lagoon for a number of years with Erics family. Leleana is their last born daughters name meaning ‘Beautiful’ in both Marovo and Ranongga languages.