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Matikuri Lodge sits at the northeast end of Matikuri Island on the western arc of the world's largest lagoon, Marovo. Built in the early 1990's, guests have their own small leaf house with a completely private deck sitting over the water - a perfect place to idle away a day or stargaze.

With other uninhabited islands dotted close by, Matikuri is the perfect place for kayaking and it's also an enjoyable canoe trip around the island in one of the local dugouts. The reef extending out in front of the main house offers snorkeling with easy access

Matikuri was established by Benjamin Kaniotoku and jointly run with his wife Jilly, who came from the nearby village of Bopo, and Jilly from Nazareth village. Since Benjamins passing, his nephew Joshua who is one of the Lumolo family, whose ancestors have lived in the area for hundreds of years now, continues the family tradition of caring for guests.