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Munda Guesthaus is a very convenient 2 storey Budget accommodation which is suitable for back packers or budget minded travellers. From the Guesthaus it is just a 6-minute stroll to Lambete station where you will find restaurants and lunch time food cafes, bar, basic retail outlets, handicraft  shop, Tour Operator and Dive Facility, BSP Bank and the week day fresh produce market. The accommodation itself offers clean, comfortable, fan cooled twin share self-contained rooms, where guests can enjoy privacy and relax in a garden and bushland environment .

Munda Guesthaus is located on the edge of a small forest area on the eastern end of Labete Village approximately 400 meters from the shops, which is about 5-7  minutes’ walk from the center of Munda. Taxis are available.


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Hotel Address: Lambete Village , Munda

Getting there

From Honiara, visitors to Munda Guesthaus travel by light plane (60 minute flight) to Munda on the south side of New Georgia Island on the Roviana Lagoon.

On arrival at Munda by plane, visitors can catch a taxi, bus or walk from the airfield at Lambete to Munda Guesthaus. When arriving by boat at Munda Wharf , turn right after the market area and walk 160 meters on the main waterfront road of coral gravel, then turn left and walk 160 meters. Take the next road on the right  where you will see Munda Guesthaus  40 meters on your left.

By Passenger Boat- Slower local passenger boats leave Honiara Sunday morning and arrive at Noro or Munda for a wharf or mid-water disembarkation the next day. Local canoes provide water taxi service for passengers getting off vessels not traveling all the way onto Munda Wharf.

From Noro to Munda you can also travel by road with a local bus for $20.