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Munda Guesthaus is a very convenient 2 storey Budget accommodation which is suitable for back packers or budget minded travellers. From the Guesthaus it is just a 6-minute stroll to Lambete station where you will find restaurants and lunch time food cafes, bar, basic retail outlets, handicraft  shop, Tour Operator and Dive Facility, BSP Bank and the week day fresh produce market. The accommodation itself offers clean, comfortable, fan cooled twin share self-contained rooms, where guests can enjoy privacy and relax in a garden and bushland environment .

David and Alice Kera along with their family have a long history of caring for visitors to Munda during their years of managing Agnes Lodge. The head of the family, David Kera has also been greatly involved with the Western Solomons Tourist Association. As a family business, their son Erick Nathan, will be looking after guests full time with new staff member Zito . Alice and David will also be happy to  assist during your stay.