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Nusatuva Eco Lodge is a Darwin Initiative Project led by WWF-Solomon Islands Program aimed at establishing a network of locally managed marine protected areas in the Solomon Islands.

The Nusatuva Community, which lives on a small island south of Kolombangara Island, is actively involved with Nusatuva Eco Lodge and its tours along with sustainable income generating activities such as coral and sponge farming.

Nustatuva Eco Lodge is set on the waters edge overlooking the surrounding lagoon.

Nusatuva is located off the Kolombangara coastline approximately 45 minutes by boat from Gizo. There is a local airstrip at Ringi Cove, but it is not currently on the Solomon Airlines schedule.


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Hotel Address: Ringi Cove, Kolombangara Island, Western Province, Gizo

Getting there

Boat transfers are available from Gizo or Munda using Go West Tours or the Pelena Express to Kolombangara.

Transport : Palena to/from Gizo( Regular service Mon,Wed,Fri) SBD110.00 per               person.

                 : Transfer to/from Noro (regular service Mon, Wed, Fri) SBD80.00

                : Transfer to/from Gizo,Noro,Munda SBD400.00

                : approx price at start 2011-Check with Palena

Departure time is around 1:30pm- 2:00pm. ( Pelena Transport is currently on maintenance )

Local Transport.- Gizo-Nusatuva SBD120.00 per person one way.