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Cancellation Policy

Confirmed bookings may be cancelled by the traveler but a booking fee of $100.00 plus bank fees charged in the confirmed booking is non refundable. A booking will only be considered cancelled upon written acknowledgement from the local operator. No show or cancellation less than 7 days will attract a days tariff.


Other Information

Check in time: 11:00
Check out time: 10:00
Late check-out policy: 

Check-out is flexible to suit on going transport arrangements.

Children policy: 

Children under 5 free of charge and are welcomed.

Payment Form: Cash
Other Disclosures: 

Community Fuctions and Workshops

Onma Eco-Lodge specializes in marine conservations and serving high quality local grown food. The Lodge has a spectacular view of Kolombangara across the water.

Catering- Food and Labour (max 20 people)


Tea Break-SBD$220


Dinner-SBD$ 1500.00

Catering-Labour only (max 20 people)


Tea break-SBD$175.00



Venue Hire.

Daily Fee for use of Meeting House-SBD$400.00