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Rekona Flourish Lodge is a newly renovated accommodation that caters for travellers and business people visiting Honiara or transiting to the islands around the Solomons. With its elevated central location looking over the busy Central Markets, guests enjoy cooling sea breezes, generous sized rooms  and a friendly environment.

Rekona Flourish Lodge is located on the Lower Vavaya Ridge road opposite Rock Haven Inn and close to St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit house. Its central location makes walking easy to and from the shops, Central Markets, banks, government offices and is easily seen from the town centre.


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Hotel Address: Lekamboli Lane, Lower Vavaya ridge, Honiara

Getting there

Take a taxi from Henderson International Airport traveling west for about 15 minutes. The fare should be about $100 SBD or airport transfers can be arranged with additional charges. The Rekona Flourish Lodge is located on Lekamboli Lane near St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit and Rock Haven Inn. If arriving by boat you can walk up in 10minutes from the ports area or take a taxi for about $20.