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 In room Wifi free 500MB over 3 daysIn room Wifi free 500MB over 3 days

The Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel is situated in a convenient central position, directly on the beach, next to the Honiara Yacht Club and adjacent to Honiara's restaurants, shopping and commercial area. The hotel provides an ideal base for visiting business people and is a great location for holiday makers. The hotel's rooms, include the newer Executive Suites and Executive Rooms plus the renovated East Wing. The Junior Suites located on the West Wing have been upgraded to the standard of the more stylish Executive Rooms with new furnishing and curtains. West Wing rooms are being renovated starting with the upper floor.


The Solomon Kitano Mendana is located on Mendana Avenue in the centre of town, next door to the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau and opposite the Cultural Centre and Museum. With its Northern outlook facing Iron Bottom Sound, the hotel offers stunning sea views and cooling sea breezes. The hotel is only 20 minutes from the airport when there is no business traffic and 2 minutes from government and business offices


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Hotel Address: Point Cruz, Hibiscus Avenue, Honiara

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The Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel can supply airport transfers for $70 per person each way. Taxi service is also readily available at the airport for $150 calculated at $15 per kilometer suiting 1-3 passengers . Trips from Honiara to the airport can be less expensive depending on the taxi company used.