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St Agnes Mothers Union Transit House caters for the budget traveller, offering great value for money with very clean and tidy accommodation in the centre of Honiara. 

The Melanesian Mission was founded in 1849 when George Augustus Selwyn, first Bishop of New Zealand, visited the Solomon Islands. A few years later, John Coleridge Patterson joined him and was consecrated first Bishop of Melanesia on St. Matthias' Day, 1861.

The Mothers' Union was founded on the islands of Santa Isabel and Malaita in 1930 and 1931. Flourishing branches developed in both places, and later extended through the country.

The development of the Mothers' Union has helped to transform the lives of the people, through their faith strengthening Christian ideals of marriage and motherhood . The Transit House in Honiara provides accommodation for rural members attending courses and also provides accommodation for visitors passing through Honiara from overseas .


St Agnes Mothers Union Transit is located at the lower Vavaya Ridge near Quality Inn and Chesters. It's central location makes walking easy to and from town, Central Markets, Banks and is easily seen from the center of town.


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Hotel Address: Lekamboli Lane, Lower Vavaya Ridge, Honiara

Getting there

Take a taxi from Henderson International Airport travelling west for about 20-40 minutes depending on the time day. The fare should be about $150 departing the airport, and as low as $100 going back due to different Taxi organisations. St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit is located on Lekamboli Lane near Chesters Resthouse and Rock Haven Inn.