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 Tetepare Island Eco Resort is located at the western end of the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Undoubtedly, it is one of the Solomon's best conservation jewels, with unlogged rain forests, leather back turtles, dugongs and other rare wildlife. The local material bungalows are attached to a research station staffed by local guides and on occasion by scientists. Tetepare Island Eco-lodge provides accommodation in  traditional Melanesian leaf houses which were built by Tetepare Descendant Association (TDA) members .The station area covers about 12 square kilometers which supports pristine lowland rain forest and rich inshore marine areas. Tetepare is recognized both nationally and internationally for it's conservation significance and archaeological sites.

Tetepare Island is owned by the descendants who originally inhabitant Tetepare Island.

There are 6000 registered descendants who live throughout the villages of Western Province, as far as Marovo Lagoon, Rendova Island, Vella Lavella and Kolombangara. 

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

Cultural Centre. Terestial and Marine Reserves and Turtle Hatcheries.

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

Tetepare has been declared a Marine Protected Area supporting a diverse variety of marine life and sea grass beds along with the  conservation of terestial fauna and flora, leatherback turtles, and a bat colony. They aim to prevent  commercial exploitation of resources such as logging.