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If you are looking for a peaceful and friendly environment away from your stressful work place, Urilolo Lodge offers a great holiday getaway experience. The lodge is built on the waters edge of picturesque Saeraghi beach at the western end of Ghizo Island. A comfortable bungalow made from traditional Solomon Islands bush materials of leaf roof with timber walling and floor. From the deck of the bungalow you have a nice view across Vella La Vella Island and Ranogga.

The lodge is conveniently located on the beach just past the entrance into Saeraghi Village on north west Ghizo.


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Hotel Address: Saeraghi Village, West Ghizo

Getting there

By plane arriving at Nusatupe airstrip, a boat transfer gets you to Gizo and transfer charge is $60 SBD per person. By passenger boat arrival will be at the government wharf.

Public transport departs Gizo town from the market area, traveling west along the southern coastal road for about 45 to 50 minutes truck ride. The charge for transport currently is 15 SBD per person one way. Urilolo Lodge is conveniently located on the beach of Saeragi. Another option for transport is traveling by boat from Gizo harbor along the southern coast which takes about 25 minutes. This option needs to be pre booked and costs 270 SBD plus fuel (20 litres) per boat trip.