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Vorivori Village Stay offers a marvellous introduction to village life in the Western Solomon Islands. Ronald and his family enjoy looking after their visitors as much as the visitors enjoy their stay. There's no frills and fancy touristy displays, but rather an opportunity to be involved in daily activities involving fishing, gardening,collection of food, cooking and social activities like singing and dancing.

Vorivori Village stay is at the western end of Vorivori Village on Ghizo Island.


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Hotel Address: VoriVori Village , Gizo

Getting there

Light truck transport costing $10 each way, departs Gizo town travelling west along the coastal road for about 35 minutes. Taxi service is also available for $200 per trip.The accommodation is located on the forest side of the road. An alternative is travelling by boat from Gizo Harbour along the southern coast which takes about 30 minutes. The landing is wet with no wharfs available. Due to the fringing reefs, the lagoon provides a safe place to alight on the beach edge.

Boat transfers from Nusatupe airstrip to Vorivori cost $500 one way per group.