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Vorivori Village Stay offers a marvellous introduction to village life in the Western Solomon Islands. Ronald and his family enjoy looking after their visitors as much as the visitors enjoy their stay. There's no frills and fancy touristy displays, but rather an opportunity to be involved in daily activities involving fishing, gardening,collection of food, cooking and social activities like singing and dancing.

Ronald is a native of West Ghizo and his wife, Florence, is from Marovo Lagoon. With their 3 children, Richard, Steven and 2 year old Kevin, they take great pride in looking after guests.

Ronald developed his village stay in 1997 and has attended training for Solomon Island operators in Honiara in 1998 and again with the Visitors Beureau in 2000 in Gizo. He has also worked for Oxfam between 2007 - 2011 in various positions in shelter programs following the 2007 tsunami.