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Zipolo Habu Resort can be described as a well kept secret, and certainly is an idyllic, exotic holiday destination, ideally suited for honeymooners, families, fishermen, divers, beachcombers - in fact anyone looking for a rare escape from a stressful world.
Honeymooners or couples find its beautiful sandy beaches set a romantic atmosphere. For the adventurous traveller attracted to life in the sea , the resort offers sportsfishing on the lagoon or beyond the reef, snorkelling around surrounding islands,and staff can arrange for Dive Munda to cater for divers wanting PADI professional services.

Zipolo Habu Resort is located on Lola Island in the Vona Vona Lagoon.


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Hotel Address:  Lola Island, VonaVona Lagoon, Munda

Getting there

From Honiara, visitors to Zipolo Habu Resort travel by light plane (60 minute flight) to Munda on the south side of New Georgia Island on the Roviana Lagoon. Munda is a long sealed airstrip, but there may be stops at smaller grass strips on the way.

On arrival at Munda, visitors are met by staff from Zipolo Habu and walk the 5 minutes down to the wharf! Its a scenic 20 minutes boat transfer to the resort. In wet weather guests will be provided with spray jackets. Transfers cost $700 SBD return per boat load.

By Boat: Local passenger boats leave Honiara Sunday morning and arrive at Noro or at Munda bar for a mid water disembarkation the next day. Local canoes provide water taxi service for passengers getting off. Noro is also 15-20 minutes boat transfer.