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Zipolo Habu Resort can be described as a well kept secret, and certainly is an idyllic, exotic holiday destination, ideally suited for honeymooners, families, fishermen, divers, beachcombers - in fact anyone looking for a rare escape from a stressful world.
Honeymooners or couples find its beautiful sandy beaches set a romantic atmosphere. For the adventurous traveller attracted to life in the sea , the resort offers sportsfishing on the lagoon or beyond the reef, snorkelling around surrounding islands,and staff can arrange for Dive Munda to cater for divers wanting PADI professional services.

The Entrikin Family  

Originating from the USA, as a volunteer fisheries officer, Joe Entrikin has been living in the Solomon Islands for over 30 years, and with his local wife Lisa, developed the resort on the family island. Combining his fishing expertise and Lisa's local know how, they are renowned as the most successful fishing charter operators in the Solomons. All their children have grown up at home and share their parents passion for their sport and the life they live.