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Driftwood offers a unique eco-adventure with a touch of luxury in the world’s largest salt water coral lagoon at the south eastern tip of the Solomons’ Western Province. It is located at the gateway of Marovo with its extraordinarily pristine lagoon and untouched rainforest. Driftwood has a 100-foot drop off immediately in front of the property with prolific sea life everywhere you dive. The underwater microclimates of fish and coral are so diverse that many of the worldʼs top marine biologists come here to study and discover new species of fish. 

Driftwood Lodge offers stunning views of the lagoon, beautiful landscaped edible gardens, snorkeling at your doorstep and a home that combines western standards in design and decor along with Solomon island features. It comes complete with a wood fired pizza oven and edible gardens. Elevated to capture the breeze and nestled in forest with stunning views of the surrounding pristine lagoon, the building was erected using natural materials and over 70% of fallen trees; hence the name Driftwood. Take time out from modern day life to enjoy the lovely lessons from nature and the joys of community living that this beautiful untouched wilderness has on offer.

Driftwood Lodge

Our package rates includes your own village guides. The guides can take you for canoe rides, for jungle walks into the village, snorkeling, night diving ..where ever you would like to go. They are very curious about the outside world and love to share stories. You will have the opportunity for cultural immerse as much as you wish. This is the true spirit of the Driftwood experience from the very moment you arrive. 

A short 5 min walk below is our house reef where you can snorkel, spearfish or use the SUP or Kayak.  We also offer boat trips to three nearby uninhabited islands where we offer dives through underwater caves, snorkeling through the coral gardens and a variety of free-diving and spearfishing sites to visit everyday for the beginner and the advanced. If you would like to create your own carving or weaving masterpiece there are workshops available with the world famous Morovo Lagoon woodcarvers.

Three gourmet meals are included in the price. Our cooks have been trained by award-winning yacht chef Kdn Lyne together with the local masterchefs of Gatokae Island they developed mouth-watering, memorable meals that showcase the best of Solomon Islander dishes combined with a modern twist. The menu that is now considered to be one of the best meals in the country by many expats that visit us. 

The kitchen is purpose built complete with a large bench top and modern four burner cooker to accommodate guests who love their food. You are also welcome to cook your own fish and feasts from time to time with the help of our staff if that’s your passion. Guests also have access to the herb and vegetable garden just outside our kitchen. The property is powered with solar energy and boosted with a generator when required. Australian power sockets are available to charge small electronic devices. 

If you are booking a private room, you can choose your own adventures for the day and come together with other guests for meals, or you may choose to have your own private table. The lounge and dining areas are very spacious with plenty of relaxing quiet places to sit. Guests have loved the atmosphere and spaciousness. Care is taken to book in compatible guests (spearfishing enthusiasts only, couples only or families only etc) each booking period and only 6 guests can stay at a time ensuring a very personalised experience. 

 For the times that you would like to take a break from lagoon adventure, the house has a large wrap around verandah and landscaped outdoor sitting areas. This design provides even more spaces to soak up the outdoors, learn how to weave, carve, cook, make coconut oil or simply share stories with the locals. There is a walking path all along from where we are to the village and along to Peava village and you can go for walks and explore the beautiful islands. You can join locals for volleyball and soccer in the afternoons and attend Sabbath celebrations with members of the Driftwood family. 

Your host loves all ocean adventures and you can organise trips for diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, all types of boat fishing, visits to nearby uninhabited islands for picnic days, kayak trips and the list goes on. The three uninhibited islands that we take guests on day trips are Mbulo Island where you can experience the incredible coral gardens and swim through caves snorkeling, Male Male has wonderful diving and spearfishing and Kitcha Island for dolphin spotting and our BBQ beach days where we go snorkeling, spearfishing and enjoy relaxing at   the white sand beaches. We also take guests into the inner lagoon to explore more snorkeling locations, spearfishing, skurfing through the turquoise waters and mantaray dives. There are also cultural visit is around the other side of our island at Biche where the locals can take you to waterfalls and to visit the last civilization to exist before the end of the head hunting era ceased. 

 Scuba diving can be pre-arranged with the nearby Minado Eco Lodge prior to you coming, if that takes your interest. 



 Spearfishing and free diving

Snorkeling to nearby islands; Malemale, Bulo, Kicha

Full day picnic; boat trip, line fishing, spearfishing, snorkeling and BBQ

Night lobster catching

Night coconut crab watching

Weaving projects

Carving projects

Traditional stone oven cooking workshop

Waterfall hike and cultural tours



  • Cafe/Coffee Shop
  • First Aid Kit
  • Laundry Service available
  • Non-Smoking rooms/floors
  • Restaurant(s)
  • Souvenir/Gift Shop(s)


  • Arrival/departure point transfers (Extra charge)
  • Arrival/departure point transfers (Included in price for most common arrival point)
  • Babysitting - Paid
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Laundry/Ironing
  • Orientation - Cultural


  • Board/Leisure Games
  • Boat non-motorized (complimentary)
  • Boating
  • Bushwalking/Hiking/Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Cooking Courses
  • Cultural Arts and Craft Interactive activity
  • Cultural Entertainment
  • Cultural Visits/Tours
  • Educational Experiences
  • Fishing/Crabbing/etc.
  • Kayaks

Languages Spoken

  • Marovo
  • Pijin English