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Driftwood offers a unique eco-adventure with a touch of luxury in the world’s largest salt water coral lagoon at the south eastern tip of the Solomons’ Western Province. It is located at the gateway of Marovo with its extraordinarily pristine lagoon and untouched rainforest. Driftwood has a 100-foot drop off immediately in front of the property with prolific sea life everywhere you dive. The underwater microclimates of fish and coral are so diverse that many of the worldʼs top marine biologists come here to study and discover new species of fish. 

Driftwood Lodge offers stunning views of the lagoon, beautiful landscaped edible gardens, snorkeling at your doorstep and a home that combines western standards in design and decor along with Solomon island features. It comes complete with a wood fired pizza oven and edible gardens. Elevated to capture the breeze and nestled in forest with stunning views of the surrounding pristine lagoon, the building was erected using natural materials and over 70% of fallen trees; hence the name Driftwood. Take time out from modern day life to enjoy the lovely lessons from nature and the joys of community living that this beautiful untouched wilderness has on offer.

Driftwood Lodge is located near Kavolavata Village on Nggatokae Island across from Mbulo Island in south Marovo.


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Hotel Address: Kavolavata Village, Nggatokae Island, Marovo Lagoon

Getting there

Our nearest airstrip is Seghe, about 90 kms away circling Vanganu Island through the Marovo Lagoon. Boat transfers to and from Seghe takes around 2 hours depending on the weather and costs around SBD $1500 ($AUD 250) each way.

For adventurous guests on a budget - the most economical way to travel from Honiara is by ship. Our nearest port is Bunikalo and serviced weekly by 2 or 3 ships.  The 2 recommended ships are the MV Anjeanette and MV Fairglory. The Anjeanette sails from Honiara on Saturday nights and arrives at nearby Bunikalo Port around dawn on Sunday morning. It is possible to take Solomon Airlines Saturday flight from Brisbane to Honiara, then transfer to the ship, travel over night and arrive on Sunday morning, avoiding having to spend a night in Honiara. The MV Fairglory on arrive in Bunikalo on Tuesday nights arriving Honiara AM on Wednesday.

Ship fare is around SBD $300 (AUD $50) per person. Boat  pick up from Bunikalo cost $470 SBD (AUD $80).

Another option is to come to Driftwood by ferry, stay for a few days and then continue north to other places in Marovo lagoon, such as Minado, Sealodge, Uepi, Matikuri or Evis Resort. You can take a trip through the lagoon and it will cost around $300 AUD per boat load.