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Rosary Transit is a 3 bedroom lodging with good sized rooms and views towards Honiara Harbour. It was originally established to accommodate Catholic Nuns who were transiting Honiara. Over time running costs have exceeded budgets allocated, so the Sisters now are accommodated in the lower level rooms and guests are invited to stay upstairs. Its central location and budget price makes it very good value for travellers and    a safe and interesting place for overseas guests, especially single ladies. 

By taxi, travel west from the Henderson International or Domestic Airport to the Rosary Transit approximately 10km. The taxi fare should be between $100 and $150 depending on the taxi group you use. Rosary Transit  is situated at the corner of Klaucke Street and Vavaya Ridge Road; the same lane as St Agnes Mothers Union Resthouse, United Church Resthouse, Rock Haven Inn  and Chesters Resthouse.


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Hotel Address: C/- St Josephs Mothers House, Honiara

Getting there

Take a taxi from Henderson International Airport travelling west for about 20-40 minutes depending on the time day. The fare should be about $150 departing the airport, and as low as $100 going back due to different Taxi organisations. St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit is located on Lekamboli Lane near Chesters Resthouse and Rock Haven Inn.