Food & Cuisine in Solomon Islands

There are quite a few restaurants in Solomon Islands with different types of cuisine on offer. You can enjoy your dinner to the beat of traditional songs and dances performed by native musicians ready to entertain in cultural nights organised by hotel restaurants. But probably the best accompaniment to your dinner, whether it’s the fresh seafood or something more international, is ‘Solbrew’, a beer made in Solomon Islands.

There is nothing formal or elaborate about the food culture of Solomon Islands. The islanders don’t believe in madly rushing about and have very few demands, this trait reflecting in their food habits too. They simply eat what they can catch, and don’t bother too much about elaborate details.

This Solomon Islands restaurant guide provides you with a few restaurants you may wish to try, as well as useful information about eating out in the Solomon Islands. And to complete the beach holiday experience, why not do a bit of local handicraft shopping in the Solomon Islands?

Food & Cuisine in Solomon Islands

Many big hotels in Honiara have restaurants offering a large variety of cuisine. You will find many Chinese restaurants offering local seafood specialties like Lobster and Coconut Crab. Solomon Islands restaurants often have Thai, Japanese and Italian dishes on their menu.

Quite a number of Solomon Islands hotels have bars and beer gardens and even their own private clubs that are open to visitors. The night barbecues held here are very popular. But you don’t have to restrict yourself to hotels for your food; there are quite a few very good independent restaurants even outside. Restaurants in the Solomon Islands offer decent service and do serve European and Asian food. All kinds of alcohol, beer and even wine are available in these places to accompany good quality Solomon Islands cuisine.

Recommended: Solbrew Lager!

Whatever or wherever you may eat in the Solomon Islands, one thing you must not miss is its very own home brewed Solbrew lager. If not the relaxed atmosphere, it is the heat that will tempt you to try one anyway! And that may well be the best way to relax and lazily envision your exploits on Solomon Islands.

Tipping Tip

Solomon Islands are one of those rapidly vanishing places on the planet where there is no tipping culture. Do remember to honour and continue this tradition!

National Specialities

Apart from all the international cuisine, you can also try tasting some specialties native to Solomon Islands!

Tapioca pudding

A pudding which is also good for health? This is what the Tapioca pudding is all about. It’s a vanilla pudding mixed with small, transparent pearls of tapioca and is very popular in these islands. The tiny orbs of tapioca almost look like caviar and easily help in distinguishing this from any other kind of pudding you may see. And where does the health aspect come in? Tapioca is starch and easily digestible!

Taro roots with taro leaves

The Taro plant is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the country. Along with its corm which is edible and used as a vegetable, the Taro leaves are also eaten. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, making it quite a healthy choice.