Solomon Islands weather

The islands enjoy a tropical climate with temperatures averaging about 29 degrees during the day, accompanied by high levels of humidity. The winds generally blow from the west or northwest direction between the months of November and April, though sometimes they come from the southeast as well. The island generally experiences long intervals of calm interrupted by storms and winds. It is in their summers, between December and March, that the islands experience their heaviest rainfall. Though hurricanes always seem to threaten at this time, they keep moving south and spare the islands much damage.

Trade winds from the southeast blow almost uninterruptedly between end of April and November. (You can detect an approaching storm if the wind direction suddenly changes to north or west in this period). The winters in Solomon Islands occur between July and September, and this is indeed the best time to visit the place. In this period, all the climactic elements, from rainfall, humidity to temperatures, behave in a low key manner.

Thanks to the sea breezes that keep blowing the entire year, the humidity is quite controlled in the coastal areas. The high islands of the southeast coasts face the winds much more than the protected north coasts, and are almost always much wetter.

The latter part of the year, with its light wafts of wind and still waters, and also controlled heat, cyclones and humidity, is most hospitable to visitors. This is also a time of great festivity, with seven of the nine island provinces celebrating their annual holiday between June and August. With the Queen's birthday in June and the islands' Independence Day in July, there is no shortage of public holidays and festivals when one can witness traditional dancing and cultural shows. For surfers, the season extends between October and April.

Though there are no peak and off seasons in the Solomon Islands, make sure you do book your stay in advance during major public holidays and the Christmas and Easter season, as hotels and transport do tend to fill up in the major towns during this period.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Feb 17
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  26°C
Feb 18
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  25°C
Feb 19
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  25°C
Feb 20
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  24°C
Feb 21
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  24°C
Feb 22
Hi:  31°C
Lo:  23°C